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Because of the seldomness of the syndrome there was not much research done in the past to look for ways to cure this disease. As mentioned before,now a research lab was recently established to search for a therapy for Bloom syndrome and its complications. All those affected with Bloom syndrome can benefit from this but also others who suffer from another type of syndrome or cancer. Many relations have been discovered between Bloom syndrome and the development of cancer. The cure for Bloom syndrome will also contribute to the healing of other sorts of cancer.

The Bloom Syndrome Foundation wants to put its funds there were they are most effective in the fight against Bloom syndrome. The first steps on the research path have been set, but time goes on. And time is not given to all children with Bloom syndrome. So the research must continue, at a fast pace. Unfortunately, we can not finance this on our own. We ask for your help. Please donate (also small donations are welcome) to:

NL79RABO 0124853153
Stichting Bloom Syndrome
Nistelrode, The Netherlands
(IBAN: NL79RABO0124853153; SWIFT: RABONL24)

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