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The Bloom Syndrome Foundation is established to fund research aiming at the development of a therapy for Bloom's syndrome and the prevention of its complications, primarily the significant risk of developing cancers at early ages. Blooms syndrome is a very rare inherited genetic disorder. Because it is so seldom found, research labs and pharmaceutical corporations are not interested to investigate this syndrome or the complications of it. A patient with this disorder however, doesnt care about this seldomness. At the beginning of 2006 a lab was set up at the Ohio University Comprehensive Cancer Center (US) to do research on Bloom syndrome. This research is initiated and funded by the Bloom's Syndrome Foundation. The first steps on the research path have been made. This is very encouraging, but these are only the first steps. In behalf of all the patients of Bloom syndrome, new steps have to be made. To support this research, The Bloom Syndrome Foundation wants to collect funds. For this, we need your help. You can make a difference. Your donation can make miracles happen, as:

... A healthy child has many wishes, a sick child only one...

The Bloom Syndrome Foundation has the support of the 'Advisory Board' which include:

Dr. C.M.R. Weemaes
UMC St. Radboud Kinderimmunologie en Infectieziekten
Postbus 9101 6500 HB Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Prof. Dr.med. E. Passarge Emeritus
Direktor Institut fr Humangenetik Universitatsklinikum
Essen Hufelandstrasse 55 45122 Essen

BSF Scientific Research

For current scientific grant research you can also look at : bloomssyndrome.org